Blacktop Sealcoating in Albion, Batavia & Rochester, NY

We offer both residential and commercial sealcoating services. From small driveways to shopping centers, no job is too big or small.  Sealcoating is important because it:

  • Prevents gas, oil, and salt damage
  • Prevents oxidation from sun
  • Prevents water damage
  • Reduces maintenance costs saving you money over the years

Your driveway or parking lot was a big investment and sealcoating is how you protect that investment; maximizing the life of the blacktop.

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Our process.

First we machine edge driveway or parking lot.  This insures we can seal to edge of asphalt and also looks better.  Next walk behind blowers and power brooms are used to clean dirt and debris.   At this point if any asphalt maintenance is needed such as crack sealing or patchwork will be done.  Finally our special mix of polymer added coal tar sealant from Sealmaster will be hand brushed or sprayed depending on your contract.  We will also caution tape off your driveway or barricade of your parking lot preventing traffic from entering.